Monday, January 10, 2011



  1. Looks beautiful, though I have to post something slightly negative. Vikings NEVER wore horns. EVER EVER EVER. It is a racist stereotype perpetuated by British and other historians but it actually all started under the Romans. Nobody believed the ornate horned helmets of the Celts (who did have horned mythological figures) could possibly have been celtic so they attributed them to the Vikings (who did not have such figures under their mythology). Only one tiny and ancient figurine has been found with it, and some thing it is Odin, others Frey, but in any case, it could just as easily been a celtic figurine. Viking historians have been fighting this sterotype for generations but for every essay written on the subject, there are hundreds of ignorant drawings perpetuating the myth. People just LOVE to see the horns on a viking helmet and often don't identify it as a viking without them, prefering the image of brawny barbaric thugs, some of which they admitedly earned. I love the work though, and would love to see a non-horned version.