Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dune Concept Art

Dune is by far one of my favorite books and while i'd love to be able to work on either a film or video game set in it's universe, it doesn't seam either will be happening anytime soon. So I decide to create my own dune character faction designs. I really enjoyed making these and maybe later on I'll create some of the other factions such as the space guild navigator and Tleilaxu face dancer.


  1. No comments yet? I must be early to the party!

    Bruno, the word "epic" doesn't cover it. These are fantastic designs that have been simplified... which only amplifies the essence of each faction. They read so well, too. Why do I get a feeling that when another movie/game comes out, you'll be getting a call. I would love to see these characters animated.

    1. I hope you're right, that would be the best call ever. Thanks for the comments!

  2. WOW!! please do more of this stuff .. !! I would love to have this as print on my wall..
    I will visit ur site from now on every week and I'm really excited about what comes up next :)))

  3. I love the books and you captured its essence perfectly. Astounding work!

  4. Frédéric GondyJune 26, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    Bravo , je partage votre oeuvre préférée. Dune me fait toujours réver et vos créations sont toutes à fait dans l'essence de cet univers. Merci de poursuivre le Rêve du dormeur qui s'est éveillé !!! Je serai tenté par la possibilité d'en acquérir des copies de qualité - à voir. Encore merci.

  5. These are great.. and of course I bet everyone would love to see more.
    Have you ever tough of creating the Dune Tarot?

  6. Epic designs, they really pinpoint the essence of these characters. I'm hoping you get a shout if anything develops on the game/series/film front.

  7. I had momentary lapse in moisture disciple when I saw these designs.

  8. Very nice! Love the book, I heard a table RGP game will be realeased based on its universe.
    Congratulations, your work is great.